Missing a good feature: Open window with Power Key and It's position in the Dock

Hello, I recently switched from Ubuntu to Ubuntu Budige.
My experience is amazing so far, however there’s one problem that is “slowing” stuff down…

Look, on ubuntu and windows, you can open a window or switch to that window using the “POWER” key and “Position” in dock. still dont get it? Lets say, I have three windows in my dock: Brave, Firefox, and Chrome. Now, when I press “POWER” key + 1 it will open Brave, similiarly if it was 3 instead of 1, it would have opened Chrome. I can’t not only open new windows but also switch between windows more easily.
If this option is not available by default, can anyone tell me how to add this as a custom shortcut?

Duplicate Keyboard shortcuts to launch applications in plank?

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