Super + Number Keyboard Shortcut

Hello, guys! I nuked my Ubuntu 18.04.1 installation yesterday in favor of Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.1 and I already love it way more than the stock Ubuntu, especially because of the performance advantage.

But there is only one thing I need to figure out and that is - how to restore the Super + Number keyboard shortcut functionality, that is available on the stock Ubuntu? I checked the Plank dock’s preferences, but there is no such option there. If that’s not achievable in Plank, can I use something else as a workaround?


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well you can always bind the app you want with the Super + Number key combination via Settings - Keyboard. Obviously it is not dynamic!

I’m watching this repo at the moment that has been posted

Assuming that something appears there - maybe that would be useful.

Exactly - not dynamic. Super+Numbers is surprisingly hard to get right, and very many distros have been failing at it for years:

That repo moved to budgie-launcher-super (sorry, Discourse thinks I’m a spammer and limits me to 2 links) and doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Switching among tasks with the Super key is not something that should be left to random developers. This should be well-integrated into the desktop environment.

I agree, this is very important for my workflow as well. I’m using Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 and made a REALLY dirty workaround for “Super+numbers”.
It’s not dynamic BUT it checks if the program is opened. If it’s opened, it will give focus to the program window, if it’s not, then the program will start. If someone is interested:

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Any progress on this? I’d love to list Budgie as one of the window managers that support Super + 0…9 here -

There are the workarounds already posted in this thread - but in reality this needs to be implemented within the icon-task-list applet so needs an inspiring dev to work with Solus upstream.