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Super + Number Keyboard Shortcut


Hello, guys! I nuked my Ubuntu 18.04.1 installation yesterday in favor of Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.1 and I already love it way more than the stock Ubuntu, especially because of the performance advantage.

But there is only one thing I need to figure out and that is - how to restore the Super + Number keyboard shortcut functionality, that is available on the stock Ubuntu? I checked the Plank dock’s preferences, but there is no such option there. If that’s not achievable in Plank, can I use something else as a workaround?


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well you can always bind the app you want with the Super + Number key combination via Settings - Keyboard. Obviously it is not dynamic!

I’m watching this repo at the moment that has been posted


Assuming that something appears there - maybe that would be useful.


Exactly - not dynamic. Super+Numbers is surprisingly hard to get right, and very many distros have been failing at it for years:

That repo moved to budgie-launcher-super (sorry, Discourse thinks I’m a spammer and limits me to 2 links) and doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Switching among tasks with the Super key is not something that should be left to random developers. This should be well-integrated into the desktop environment.

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