Newbie questions, some keyboard related

no into or newbie category, so i hope this is ok here.

I have just changed from Mac and tried several distros and think i may very well stick to this. Everything usable (Elementary/Cinnamon) seems Ubuntu based anyway, and i think this one is a good package. It certainly has a nice look and feel, seems very snappy and maintained, so cudos.

I am on 19.04 (being brave) and since i last used Linux before the millennium change (all autoconf and make install at the time), i have very little understanding what parts are actually this project, and where all my questions should be directed to, but let’s start.

-The main itch is the app switcher. It only goes forward, and specifically does not accept arrows while active. I found a related issue without activity, and a closed one even the issue was not fixed. This is essential to me (years and years of muscle memory) and i was thinking of giving that a shot. So my question is: which git repo do i need to change and how do i “insert” that into my system.

  • I have not found a “switch to next/previous workspace” keyboard combination (in keyboard->shortcuts). Only switch to last and to a certain number. I got used to super+pageup/down and so the question is how to configure that without the gui.

  • In Firefox i can switch tabs with ctrl-pagedDown, but not ctl-pageUp. How would i get that to work?

Ok, that was maybe a lot, so i better repeat that i am mostly very happy, will stick around, and would even help, though my skills are currently limited.


Hi and welcome!

Could you take a quick picture of the “app switcher” - just want to make sure we guide you in the right direction.

In UB - CTRL+ALT+left/right arrows move back and forth between workspaces - they are in the custom keyboard shortcuts page.

For firefox - … CTRL + SHIFT PageUp/Down ?

Hi David,
that was quick, thanks for answering.

I don’t know how to take a screenshot while switching. I mean what you get with alt+tab and i just did a normal install. If you still need it i can do it with the phone.

I found the custom shortcuts and must admit i had only looked at navigation. The question does arise though why those navigation shortcuts are not under navigation. (also i believe they should be named “switch to…” not “move to” in line with the normal navigation names. But ok, that is solved for me.

And i did look at the firefox page, thanks. There is an extension to switch and when i tried to add super+pageUp i can’t. It seems the app never receives that combination, which leads me to believe that someone(desktop manager?) intercepts it.
Also looking at the customs shortcuts, there is a “switch tabs” defined with ctrl+pageDown , which i believe is defined for the terminal, but also works in firefox.

So how is such a keyboard added to the custom shortcuts? I mean obviously there is a “+” there, but how does that relate? Is the comman a menu item ?
And since i tried, also there i can not add ctrl+pageUp , the dialog never gets it?

Let me know if you still need the scrrenshot.

ok - thanks for the clarification.

So the Switching mechanism is inbuilt to budgie-desktop - and yes there is an outstanding enhancement request upstream ( waiting for someone to dive in a resolve

The switching code is here:

Super+Page Up/Down are already mapped in the keyboard screen for workspace switching - you’ll need to disable those shortcuts there.

I don’t know though if the firefox extension recognises the Super(Win) key - in my testing it didn’t appear to.

So custom shortcuts can be created to run a specific command e.g. running xdotool to inject a key sequence. From memory I think the syntax is something like xdotool key Super+Page_Up - whether firefox actually recognises a keyboard injection is a different matter.

Ok, thanks for that comprehensive explanation.

Might take a day for me to take in that long and uncommented code, but now at least i know.
I’m guessing i’ll stick to the configuration before coding :slight_smile: