Super+s to show all windows not working in Budgie 19.04


I just upgraded to 19.04, and one of the hotkey combinations that I use all the time seems to have changed. Previously, I could use “super + s” to show the expanded view of all windows. Now “super +s” brings up some sort of desktop arranger.

Could anyone give me some advice on how to restore the previous behavior?



Hi and welcome,

can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing and post it here? thx

From what version did you update (or was it a clean install)? SInce the very beginning of Shuffler (for window arrangement), it has been under Super + S. Silly Question, but aren’t you mixing up with Ctrl + Tab?

Thanks for your reply – here’s a screenshot of what super-s does.

Hi vlijm,

Thanks for your reply.

Hmmm… I’m not sure what Ctrl + tab does; I use alt+tab all the time to switch among windows.

I updated from 18.10 and I could swear that super + s behaved the same way as it does in “normal” ubuntu – it provided an exploded view of all windows.


I keep making the typo, saying Ctrl -Tab when I mean Alt-Tab… Also in 18.10 though, Super+S calls WindowShuffler. Even mentioned in the youtube demo"

Sounds like you must have remapped Super + S to something else in 18.10. I don’t know what you were using though. Skippy-XD ?

On my machine (I had Skippy installed and purged later), in the keyboard settings, the key combination Super + S is assigned to “Show the Overview”. But that doesn’t show the Window Shuffler.

What would be the correct action to be assigned? I couldn’t find anything similar to Window Shuffler in the list of shortcuts.

Or does the shuffler needs to be installed separately?

To call (toggle) shuffler gui: /usr/share/budgie-desktop/windowshuffler/matrix_wrapper

cool … thanks for looking into this …