Mouse Double-Click Speed

I want to make this a bit slower, I don’t suppose I can use gnome-tweaks, is there an equivalent for Budgie?

Use dconf-editor:

Increasing the double click time from 400 to say 500 or 600 will slow the click speed down slightly

I’d forgotten about dconf-editor - I haven’t needed it, unlike with some other distros :). However, I don’t seem to get any of the options:

Go to the top of the tree and navigate from org to gnome downwards

Sorry, I thought I was at the top, I didn’t realise what the tick-thing top left did. Now sorted, thanks again!

Heads up for @ChrisOfBristol, gnome tweaks can be installed and used just the same on UB, only gnome specific stuff (extensions mainly) is missing.

@ codic I didn’t think of trying that either, as Budgie isn’t Gnome. However it hasn’t got double-click speed.

Oh ok, does that work in gnome?

No idea, I use Budgie.

Ok, was asking because

So I thought you switched over from GNOME

I don’t know how you got that impression. If you can point out to me where I Implied that let me know and I will remove/clarify it.

Just because you said “I don’t suppose I can use gnome-tweaks”, I thought that implied that you were used to the GNOME way of doing stuff, therefore, you were previously on GNOME.

@codic This exchange is in danger of collapsing into an improbability vortex, so I’ll opt out :slight_smile:

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