Gnome 3.32 speed enhancements

Hey guys,

How much will UB benefit from the recent Gnome 3.32 speed enhancements?


There are two parts here:

There is the window manager called Mutter and then there is the desktop part called GNOME Shell.

The speed enhancements have been in both parts.

Budgie’s window manager is Mutter. The rest of Budgie Desktop sits on-top of Mutter in the same way as GNOME Shell does.

So yes - the enhancements to Mutter directly benefit Budgie Desktop.

Since Budgie Desktop is written in Vala which compiles down to very fast C - it already is much faster than GNOME Shell which is written in a slow javascript type language.

So be proud - Budgie will benefit with the Mutter speed ups … and already runs very much faster than GNOME Shell :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for your detailed reply.