Comparison with Manjaro Budgie

Interesting. Since Budgie is not officially supported by the Manjaro core team I installed Ubuntu Budgie. I am wondering what your experiences is with Manjaro Budgie vs Ubuntu Budgie? If you have one

In my opinion Manjaro Budgie works much better than Ubuntu Budgie. I ran into several glitches with Ubuntu

and Manjaro was a smooth sailing.

I use Manjaro Budgie and they have a Community supported edition. It was just released and updated a few days ago, ie a new ISO. There are also plenty of Manjaro Budgie users on the forums for help.

Regarding Manjaro vs Ubuntu Budgie, I don’t think one is better than the other. I have used both, although only briefly on Ubuntu Budgie. I prefer rolling releases. I like the support here, this forum, which is why I always check in. It is a matter of user preference that determines which distro fits their needs.

Agree. I don’t believe in a “us v them” … I am very happy that manjaro has packaged and made available our budgie-extras (hint poke the manjaro maintainer to grab the latest version released yesterday) together with the work I did to make budgie run on all GNOME 3.30 distros such as manjaro.

I hope someday to leverage any work Manjaro folk contribute as well to budgie. If you know of any stuff please let the UB team know.

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You are awesome! FYI…I poked the Manjaro maintainer re the update. thx.

Great post. I’m, of course, running UB on my home desktop, and I’m experimenting with Manjaro Budgie (MB) on a spare laptop (I use Manjaro KDE on my work laptop, which is a pretty awesome combo, actually). Of course, a lot of the goodness of Manjaro Budgie comes from the applets which you guys have designed. Here are some early impressions:

  • The Manjaro apps and installing from the AUR via Pamac are all awesome, of course. I vastly prefer the Manjaro repos and the AUR to debs, PPA’s, and (gag) Snaps…
  • That said, UB feels palpably faster than MB. Boot is considerably faster, and some processing is notably snappier (like launching Nautilus has a notable lag on first launch on MB vs instantaneous launch on UB, for who knows what reason). UB just feels overall a bit faster.
  • I prefer the OOTB theme of UB to MB, but both are great overall
  • I miss the excellent UB Welcome on MB
  • Power usage between the two seems equal, surprising as I’ve found in KDE that Manjaro was a tad thirstier than Ubuntu base.
  • Poweroff speed is equal
  • Budgie seems MUCH improved as a laptop DE vs my experiences almost a year ago, where it was unusable for me. Taskbar hiding used to be completely broken, windows wouldn’t behave and honor the taskbar, and the alt-tab was pretty useless (OK, the alt-tab is still not great). The rest, though, seems fixed and now Windows and the taskbar are all well behaved. Kudos to all involved in fixing those (although I still get some taskbar icon float in Citrix, but that’s pre-your fix which I have yet to try).


Manjaro Budgie doesn’t have Desktop Icons.

If you mean the new ISO build that was released a few days ago, no it doesn’t. The maintainer updated Nautilus to its current version 3.3+.

If you want desktop icons, you can install the “nautilus-legacy” package in the package manager which is version 3.26.4.

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I was about to post this same thing regarding the MB desktop icons and Nautilus. While I personally like desktop icons, it’s not a big deal to me overall…

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I tried this in a virtual box. Replaced “nautilus” with “nautilus-legacy” and rebooted, but still it hasn’t fixed anything. Later i found that i should install “gnome-tweaks” too, because from there can be enabled the Desktop Icons. After reboot it was OK.

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Strong work. You should post that over on the Manjaro Budgie community forums as well.