Budgie vs Mint, your opinion?

Could you try to rephrase a bit? I don’t understand what you are saying. The hotcorners applet sets actions on entering the corners. Either prefab ones or custom commands.Not sure where that is not working.

@nanoak, I have two questions:

  1. I have some of the same Hot Corners problems you do. Are you on multi-monitors as I am? I think that’s a big part of it, since those aren’t a problem when I just use Hot Corners on my laptop screen…

  2. For a preview of running apps, I like having a hot corner to activate Skippy-XD. That gives you some of that Cinnamon functionality back.

In my view, many of these DE’s are really converging towards each other. They’re built on much the same parts and have many of the same features, it’s just implementation and speed that separate their usability. I think UB works best “out of the box” of all the DE’s right now, but we’re approaching “tyranny of small differences” territory :slight_smile:.

@vlijm Sorry for my poor English. I’ll try to explain the issue again.

The program is supposed to give you a certain functionality when you hit the corners with the pointer. Show desktop, show open windows, etc… and that’s what I expect. But, if I set for example the show desktop to the top right, it doesn’t trigger the show desktop thing only if I hit the top right. Triggers the show desktop all over the top line. top right, top left, top center… same for the bottom right and left.

I’m working on multi screen with 3 monitors, and I’m sure it is related with that. I can live without the corners app for sure , but it would be great if that would be fixed.

I hope is clear now. If not I’ll search an English translator!

@Iiari didn’t know about the Skippy-XD! Can you tell me how it works?

err404 for the github link ?

May add a second column for recent app’s ? :grin:

( or add all of these ideas « into » Applications Menu Applet, under a « recent » category instead of splitting recent items in many places… )

It has been moved to another repo now. We are kind of by hijacking this thread with this unrelated discussion !

I just came from Linux Mint 19 (Cinnamon). Absolutely everything about that OS is PERFECT…except the massive memory leaks from Cinnamon. It goes from 300mb use at startup, to over 1GB within half an hour, and it brings the system to a crawl. Doing a quick “restart Cinnamon” shortcut-combo will fix the issue, for about 10 minutes, then it has to restart again. This is simply no reason whatsoever that an Intel quad-core with 16GB of RAM should be stuttering and slow from a simple DE. Switched to U-Budgie last night and all my problems are solved! Most of the “applets” I used there are here, more or less, so I haven’t given anything up. Really impressed by the level and ease of customization on Budgie too, it definitely rivals Cinnamon.

One think I really like (I think) is the Plank thing. Takes a lot of getting used to my “taskbar” being on the side, but it makes my most frequently used programs a lot easier to access.

From the menu there is “Plank Preferences” … so you can move bar where-ever you want.

So people also stop plank running (budgie-settings - autostart) and use the budgie icon-task-list applet so that applications appear in the panel rather than in plank.

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That’s pretty damn versatile!

Just installed overtop my Ubuntu Budgie, thought I was so excited about elementary OS Juno, … holy crap, no thanks, immediately reinstalled Ubuntu Budgie 18.10

Again, well done everyone - Ubuntu Budgie just feels right, even to this long-time Mac guy.

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For those looking for something that looks and “feels” familiar, migrating from Windows to linux, Cinnamon is a great desktop environment. For those wanting to experiment and find something that works for them, then Budgie could be what their looking for. Ranking things like this can become entirely too subjective.

Why not elementary, i’m curious since I don’t know much.

Regarding your topics.

1 - Multiple desktops - OK!
2 - Tabbed terminal - OK!
3 - Not Crash - OK! (at least for me)

You can change the position of the dock to the bottom.

I am running UB for a couple of months and I am very happy with it. I never used Cinammon. But used gnome, kde, mate. and can say the UB is very good indeed.

I am on the LTS version

Earwen, Ubuntu Budgie VS elementary: that’s a good question – I’m from a mac environment, and I was promised the most mac friendly linux experience with elementary. I was SOO looking forward to it, but after I installed it (bare metal, no virtual machines) it just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I like the larger Ubuntu environment. I’ve installed and used Ubuntu (Unity and Gnome) Mint, Xubuntu. Kubuntu, and briefly Solus.

elementary was just too curated for me - I’d like to sort out some stuff on my own. Kudos to the elementary team for creating a positive environment around their distro.

Budgie is fast. Mint is slow.

I use Budgie in an under-powered machine and it runs smooth. I also stopped distro hopping because Budgie looks good and I had zero problems as far as now (besides ibus which I fixed).

Just tried yesterday iso of last Mint/cinnamon release, I was pleasantly surprised. I started with mint 10 years ago (Ubuntu 9.04 I guess), and I have to admit that it is a very accomplished DE. But hey, I don’t know why, but I prefer Budgie. :upside_down_face:

I installed Mint-MATE on a friend’s computer several years ago and she is very impressed with it. I tried Mint-Cinnamon and liked the look of it, but the menu was ridiculously slow and there were other long-standing bugbears which noone seemed committed to tackle.

With Budgie things work, but if you do need help there is a commitment to fix it, although perhaps sometimes a tendency to blame an application. I’ve found with other distros that there aren’t really enough people involved to get an answer on their own forum, so I have used LinuxQuestions, but with UB you get help quickly. The people are also genuinely helpful - no ‘gurus’ who don’t read your question properly, then give a quick and irrelevant answer just to increase their score/rating. No ignorant/insolent/impolite people either.
You will gather that second to the basic/important stuff working, the most important thing to me is the type of people involved :slight_smile: Third is configurability of the desktop - a Budgie speciality.

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I am currently using Linux Mint 19.1

Ubuntu Budgie is my backup, in case Linux Mint slows down for some reason.

Cinnamon has been around longer but it doesn’t reflect on stability or performance for me.
Regardless of the distribution, Cinnamon has always had UI lag, mainly the panel animations and extensions/applets. Budgie, certainly, the FNG of Desktop environments lacks some features but the basics are already baked in or easily added with an applet and performance as well as stability has not disappointed me one bit.

Looks wise, Cinnamon has always felt older, nowhere near as old as MATE though, while Budgie feels like a breath of fresh air.
As for UI setups, I consider Budgie to be better. I can set it up a bit like GNOME 2 and still feel like a modern UI. The Global menu and pixel saver applets do wonders but the desktop is also CSD oriented in some areas that really grind my gears. Cinnamon comes with non CSD apps but it lacks proper support from the developers to have a global menu on panels.

Current window decorations in Cinnamon need an overhaul, perhaps a proper theme would suffice, panel theming and its applets need a slight redesign too. I think Budgie should make its own mind. It can be friendly towards both CSD and non CSD but it can’t be both at the same time as it stands right now.