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Budgie vs Mint, your opinion?


Budgie is fast. Mint is slow.

I use Budgie in an under-powered machine and it runs smooth. I also stopped distro hopping because Budgie looks good and I had zero problems as far as now (besides ibus which I fixed).


Just tried yesterday iso of last Mint/cinnamon release, I was pleasantly surprised. I started with mint 10 years ago (Ubuntu 9.04 I guess), and I have to admit that it is a very accomplished DE. But hey, I don’t know why, but I prefer Budgie. :upside_down_face:


I installed Mint-MATE on a friend’s computer several years ago and she is very impressed with it. I tried Mint-Cinnamon and liked the look of it, but the menu was ridiculously slow and there were other long-standing bugbears which noone seemed committed to tackle.

With Budgie things work, but if you do need help there is a commitment to fix it, although perhaps sometimes a tendency to blame an application. I’ve found with other distros that there aren’t really enough people involved to get an answer on their own forum, so I have used LinuxQuestions, but with UB you get help quickly. The people are also genuinely helpful - no ‘gurus’ who don’t read your question properly, then give a quick and irrelevant answer just to increase their score/rating. No ignorant/insolent/impolite people either.
You will gather that second to the basic/important stuff working, the most important thing to me is the type of people involved :slight_smile: Third is configurability of the desktop - a Budgie speciality.


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