*Desktop Environments* (Performance & Fancy)

What, in your point-of-view would be the top (3) Desktop environments to download next to this Budgie Ubuntu? Seems like the whole “turn an older computer into a Great Machine :smiley:” is not going well with me as far as consistency and using the MOST out of the Ram ive installed on the cpu.
To help out more to understand where i am coming from here are a few that has taken a liking to meh (Ro).

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Elementary is for me a no-go. No customization at all. Yes you can change the icons that’s it. Also it’ more or less a dead project - that’s what their fans base tells me, when I ask into it. Something that a head-guy of the project got sacked and so on.

If you got an older machine I would avoid Gnome DE. If not Budgie DE, try look into XFCE.

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Lets put this into context here. Budgie modus operandi is for installs on a modern system - we state “the last 10 years” plus 4GB ram.

Budgie works on a raspi 4B … so if your old computer has less horse-power than a raspi then best stick with another DE / window manager.

You can not compare Elementary , Ubuntu and Pop! ( they are distributions) with cinnamon and budgie ( desktop environnements )

Budgie ( Ubuntu budgie ) is my dayly os. Very pretty , very fast , all i want out of the box, work fine with 4gb ram and underpower cpu.
Cinnamon ( Linux mint cinnamon ) old-fashioned interface , fast but not fast as Ubuntu budgie, all i want out of the box, work with 4gb ram and relatively underpower cpu.
UBUNTU (gnome ) is perhaps the best desktop: requires 8gb ram to be really comfortable and require some time to get used to the innovative interface.
Pop! = UBUNTU with specific theme and plugins. if you like…
ElementaryOs ( pantheon ) slow, does not have everything out of the box, difficult to configure, very pretty.

I advise my friends who are beginners with Linux to install Ubuntu Budgie

Hmm… Budgie as a DE is pretty slim so odd your having issues, as stated above if a Raspberry Pi4B can handle it which I have run it on one and was fine. The only thing I could suggest would be OpenBox, that said get ready to get your hands dirty with config file editing if you go that rout. I am thinking you have some other issue if Budgie is slow. I ran Budgie on a VM with minimal ram and cpu cores with no issue. Not sure what your hardware specs are on your PC, how much ram? what CPU? What GPU? and so on. You could post that info and maybe someone can help with what is causing your issues.

OMG! Awesome… Will do. Wonder if its easier to use the Terminal to download?

Hahahaha! I have it on a “Wow computer!” Cant seem to get the “touch screen function” to work quite yet.

Ill check out Openbox!