My laptop randomly freezes when I connect a secondary monitor

Hi all! I’m new to Budgie, and I love it.
However, I have a small problem that drives me crazy.
When I mirror my Samsung 24" monitor and close the laptop (because I have a small space on my desk and have to put it under it), my desktop randomly freezes.

My laptop is the following:

Captura de pantalla de 2022-01-20 00-52-26

After days of research in this and other Ubuntu forums, I cannot solve the problem. I really appreciate any help.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.


There could be a few reasons for this to happen, let’s start with the easiest one:

You mentioned this happens only when connected to external monitor, and when you do this, you close your laptop. Many laptops nowadays, have exhaust vents in the gap between the chassis and the monitor. When closing the lid, airflow is greatly disrupted. This could cause overheat. Not sure if this is the cause but it would be very easy to give it a try, leave the laptop open and connected to your monitor and see if it freezes or not.

I know it is not how you want to work but if the issue is hardware related and we find that out soon, you will avoid wasting hours or days troubleshooting software and drivers issues.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll try that and will get back to you after some tests.

Kind regards.

I tried both with the lid closed and open and continued with freezes. Reading many posts in this forum and stack overflow, I think the problem came from the partial compatibility between Ubuntu and Integrated Radeon graphic cards. Specifically with Renoir and the new Ubuntu Kernels.

An example about what I mean, when a laptop has installed windows, I can play Civilization VI via steam. Now I was to wait several minutes to play if I could play since, before that, it would probably freeze, and the laptop would overheat severely. The problem that did not happen before

I will appreciate any ideas about it.

Thanks to all.