Nemo, 23.04 and before : scrollbar on (un)mount icon


pretty sure it’s a known issue but still…

In this situation you can’t click on the eject/un⋅mount icon.

At least right click on the name still works.

Theme issue? What happens with arc / qogir / pocillo ?

I have seen the same issue with multiple themes. It is a known issue.

Nice find!

Disappointed though that there is no mention about the css changes that a theme is supposed to support. Guess need to dig through one of the mint-x/y themes.

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morfikov commented :

I just disabled the scroll overlay via GTK_OVERLAY_SCROLLING=0

…but sounds like a « loss ».

I did not check how it works under ( now official variant ) Ubuntu Cinnamon, nor Ubuntu Unity ( where Nemo is also default file browser ).

The only thing i spotted in the nemo sidebar for mint-x is this

That appears just to change the colour of the overlay scrollbar

Edit: actually it says overlay-indicator so that might mean changing the colour of the icon itself