Nemo Crashes during drag and drop and some other things

Sometimes when I drag and drop Nemo 4.0.6 crashes. I could put up with problems in less important apps if it happened (it doesn’t), but this is scary! I thought I had lost the files at first but they were there when I reloaded Nemo.

Does this also occur in Nautilus?

Please report this to launchpad with enough info so say how your can reproduce the problem.


In a terminal type:

ubuntu-bug nemo

Leave a link here once you have reported the issue.



If it gets looked at soon, I’ll stick with it so I can make information available if necessary. Otherwise I will have to revert to whatever version of Nemo was on 19.04 as I haven’t had problems with that before.

This is strange. Just tested in a clean install, doesn’t occur. Doesn’t occur on my system either. Can you try a live USB and see if the problem persists?

ok - I’ve knocked up a test PPA with some work that I did for Debian a while back. Please can you give it a test. If it resolves your issue I will push the fix officially into the repos - Canonical will ask you to retest via that bug report before it is allowed to be put into the release repos.


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/testnemo
sudo apt upgrade

Then logout/login.

Done, and I have copied a few files without problem, so I can stick with it for now. Obviously I can’t prove that the problem will never happen, I’ll just keep using it and let you know if it does.

Please try over the next few days. Let me know by close of the weekend.


Monday Morning: I haven’t done a lot of copying, but I haven’t had the problem again since using your PPA.

I have since found another problem - I should probably start a new thread (and will do if you suggest it), but:

  • If I have the cursor highlighting a file, then change focus to another window, when I come back the file is still highlighted, but if I try to delete it - nothing happens, I have to select it again.

I’ve removed it and installed Nautilus. I’m struggling to compare/check files on several disks which is already doing my head in, I can’t handle any more complications :frowning:

Please can you test if you can reproduce the issue on the latest version of nemo on 20.04? i.e. download the latest daily - write it to a USB and boot into a live session. thx.

I’ve tried a couple of times and it’s OK.

Due to removing Nemo wrecking my system I have had to re-install UB. I then did add-apt-repository…–remove, upgrade, update. I am now on Nemo 4.0.6 which I assume is the standard version. That means I can test things on it for you.

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ok - please can you file a nemo bug report for the focus issue on launchpad - I need that to link the up-coming release of nemo with various patches.

Also please can you test the latest version of nemo in my test PPA - I need to check that I have identified the correct patch to resolve your focus issues.



Mouse Focus is not persistent

If I highlight a file then click on the other pane, then click back on the first pane, the original file is still highlighted, but if I then press [del] it isn’t deleted, because although it is highlighted, the file is no longer selected.

A similar thing happens if I stick to one pane, but it’s a bit difficult to explain, if I can think how to do so, I will post it here.

I couldn’t find the third problem so I’ll forget about that and I’ve now switched to your test PPA version.

How can I check that I have got the test PPA version of Nemo? The one I’ve installed says it’s 4.0.6.

Use dpkg -s nemo - look at the “source” line - if it says “testnemo” then the package is installed from the ppa

There is no “source:” line.
Is this relevant? Version: 4.0.6-1ubuntu1~ppa2? Should I assume that ‘ppa2’ is your ppa?

Another problem which I had found with 4.0.6 is that the highlighted row on the pane not in use is blanked - see Debian rows in image below. This applies using the Pocilla, QogiBudgie, Arc Design and my current theme Materia Design.


I have run UB 20.04 off a live CD, the version of Nemo is 4.2.3. there is no mouse focus or highlighting problems.

Crashed cutting and pasting three files from main pane into a directory on the same pane. Can’t do “ubuntu-bug nemo” as it’s from testing not an official app. Can’t cope with any more of this. Will attempt to install Nemo 4.2.3 (as on UB20.04) and if I can’t work out how to do that, I’ll have to abandon using Nemo.

hmm - given that 4.2.3 is now in 20.04 I will have a look at putting 4.2.3 into our backports PPA for 19.10

Sounds like a good plan to me!

ok - the test PPA is now building v4.2.3 which is building from the 20.04 source.

Any issues would now effectively be upstream (linux mint) issues since there is very little difference between the current 4.2.3 and the upstream 4.4 which will be in (hopefully) 20.04 once the debian cinnamon team package it.