Nemo file manager display fonts difficult to read

Hi as shown below, when I go to rename, its almost impossible to get it right. Tried desktop settings to no avail. Any suggestions please?

probably related to the gtk theme in use ?

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This was also happening to me for the longest time but in recent months it seems to have cleared up on its own. I have to agree with Coeur-Noir that it may be theme related as that would explain why the issue disappeared in my case.

I concur with other replies.
Seems like a weird white shadow is being added to the text when highlighted/selected.
That’s probably done at CSS level of your theme. Finding where on the CSS (color pickers might help) and removing it could do the trick (to reapply after every theme update unfortunately).

It looks like the default theme, Pocillo.

Do you confirm @AlistairG ?

Sorry for delay it looks like Pocillo yes, but there are no check marks against current theme. Ive changed then reverted back fonts look OK for now.