Messy fonts on rename

When renaming the files fonts are duplicated one over each other, and it’s really hard to see what does it say and rename it correctly. Please see the screenshot:

This isn’t file explorer issue as it’s happens while renaming the table data values from mysql workbench as well.

What theme are you using?

What file manager are you using?

What version of ubuntu are you using?

Theme: Pocillo (default)

Widgets: Pocillo-light
File manager: Nemo (default)

Ubuntu version: 20.04.1

It happens when renaming the table values from mysql workbench app as well, so I think It’s not related to the file manager.

Speaking of which, there is one other issue which forced me to use light widgets.
Menu fonts are black and not so visible at electron uncompiled apps.

The above screenshot is taken with Pocillo widgets applied.

The one below is with Pocillo-light widgets.

So renaming in nemo with pocillo light/pocillo under 20.04 shows correctly for me.

I’ve no idea about mysql - its not something I’ve ever used.

I’ve no idea what a “electron uncompiled app” is.

Yeah. OK.

I don’t know what triggered it, since it doesn’t happen all the time, but most of the time.
I suspect that it may have something with suspend mode, since I rarely shut down my PC.
It occurs while renaming in general, not related to a specific app (etc. file manager).

Anyway, I’m wondering if someone else experienced this issue?

Since I can’t reproduce I cannot help to resolve the issue.

Do have a look at the theme repo - feel free to poke around to see if you can resolve.

At a guess from your initial picture it looks like possibly a treeview entry change may work - suggestion play-around with fields

background-color: white;
color: black

You suggest that I should play with /usr/share/themes/Pocillo/gtk-3.22.css file?

Please notice file icons in the left navigation panel. The editor is Gedit (default) and icons are Pocillo (default). That’s not the case with Papirus or Numix icons. It’s a probable bug as it affects only stylesheet files (csss, less…) That’s the reason why I prefer Papirus icons over Pocillo ones. I don’t know at first place why there was a switch to Pocillo theme to be default ones instead of Papirus, as I found it much better in every way, not to say perfect icon set.