Nemo's new "Pin" feature

The new feature in Nemo which allows you to “Pin” files or directories is great!

You have anticipated my needs before I even asked for this :slight_smile:. I used to have to give all my most frequently used files names starting with ‘0’, which didn’t look very good.

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Will it be available in 20.04 LTS ?

This starred/favorites thing + enable tracker in Nemo would be great addition to finally have a decent access to frequent / recent / pinned files, folders and places.

A request should be made via Debian so that the Cinnamon maintainers can consider.

No - the changes are quite invasive involving translations and lots of other source components. This is way beyond acceptability for a “critical & stability” LTS update

Maybe if we can find one or two volunteer software packagers who like to backport software we could actually make new software updates like these via the Backports repository.