Quick preview for Nemo

I’m new to Budgie but know for sure that nemo-previews works in Cinnamon but I can’t get it to work w/ Budgie. Is there a work around

I’ve had a super quick look at the code and I haven’t spotted any specific cinnamon desktop environment dependencies - so in theory it should work as long as all the dependencies are installed.

What have you tried with budgie? What version of ubuntu are you using and from where and how have you installed nemo-preview? e.g. if you are using 20.10 have you installed from somewhere where it has been compiled in a 20.10 repo?

I would suggest look at the terminal after launching nemo to see if there are any messages reported - both when running nemo, and trying to invoke preview


killall nemo
nemo &

I wasn’t able to install it, I got a .deb package from the repo. Don’t remember the error message… will need to check on my other PC

ok - looking at this further - nemo-preview uses linux-mint specific libraries. These libraries have not been uploaded to Debian/Ubuntu.

As such nemo-preview will never work in Debian/Ubuntu unless it is rewritten to not be specific to linux mint.