Nemo-terminal by default

Hi all,

I’m using a lot (“a lot” is a bit strong, I must admit, but it’s nevertheless useful) nemo-terminal, that I’ve installed after a long workaround on 22.04 but on 23.10 doesn’t work (it seems to be a known bug, anyway).
Would be possible having it by default (or even optional) on budgie?


interesting request!

Please can you let us know how you are installing nemo-terminal - what set-to-work commands etc you are using?

Also “why nemo-terminal” over other terminals would be useful to know.

thanks :slight_smile:

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Found this snip-it on Nemo-Terminal. Not sure of a way to get around that conflict.

Unfortunately, this no longer installs with Mint 21. The requirement of python-nemo conflicts with the existing installation of nemo-python.

Sounds just a packaging issue. The .deb needs to be recreated with the right dependency name.

Or just install from source

ehm … :smiling_face: the real reason is that I’m lazy! Using the DE for working, sometimes it happens to be in need to do something on terminal while browsing files in nemo; nemo-terminal is a 5 rows terminal placed immediately under nemo toolbar whose prompt location follows you while browsing files. I know that tere’s open in terminal too, but having a terminal embeddede into file browser is useful, imh(and lazy)o

Nothing so mandatory, at the end :wink:

About aandmsantos0910 note on nemo-terminal (impossibility of installing it on mint21), I’ve right now tried with Victoria (21.2 beta) and it comes without a problem

I don’t have any objections making nemo-terminal an optional package through our backports PPA.

We already have a few nemo extensions in the PPA.

So its a question of repackaging nemo-terminal to work with 22.04 / 23.04 & 23.10 and potentially making small html type changes to budgie-welcome to showcase nemo-terminal.

Offers to-do are welcome! Otherwise another to add to the pile of “really nice things … just need to find the time”


Team member Sam showed the team this running under budgie

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Hi David,

in reply to your edit: I’m glad to know that nemo-terminal runs on budgie, just on which release? Because I’m running it on Jammy but I haven’t been able to have it working (even if Ive been able to install it) on 23.xx releases.
So, if the release you showed more recent than Jammy, I’d like to know how he did, the way to replicate it immediately :wink:


The screenshot was from Jammy. Sam has also tested on Mantic.

We will be repackaging this for Jammy/Lunar and Mantic and making this available via budgie-welcome / our backports PPA. Timescales - once other priorities have been dealt with.

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thanks! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: I’ll look in backports in next days (until july 23, then I’ll be in vacations, finally, until aug 17)

[EDIT] a question more, that doesn’t have anything to do with nemo-terminal): I’ve installed budgie-browser-profile-launcher: can you confirm that’s only working with chrome? Nothing for firefox (or a way to configure it to choose browser)?

Thanks again

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Correct - only works with chrome. It could be extended to work with firefox - just needs someone who knows a bit of python to be able to tinker with the existing code-base.

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Team member Sam now has a nemo-terminal package for Jammy, lunar and mantic.

Please help testing by installing it through our backports PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports
sudo apt install nemo-terminal

Thanks in advance.

Hi and thanks!
no need to add ppa, is already in my “standard” sources.list. I’ve tested it on lunar-amd64 and lunar-arm (raspberryPI) and it works as a charm!

My congrats to Sam (and to you too) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just last question: I’ve tried to install it both on lunar and mantic, finding broken-dependencies debs and finally I’ve been able to install it (it was the vera/victoria version from mint repos) but it never showed himself into nemo. what did sam and you thet I haven’t done? (just for learning something more and then I’m curious)


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I suspect its because LM have their own packages that they never upstream to debian - so they don’t (sometimes) make things work outside of LM itself and have dependencies on LM only stuff.

Repackaging using Debian/Ubuntu stuff is the way to go. It reinforces the idea of never installing random repos like LM - you get all sorts of stuff that breaks standard Debian/Ubuntu apps.