New Budgie Applet - Take-a-break - give us your thoughts

Team member Jacob has been super busy as usual … and over Christmas he has crafted a Pomodoro applet - called Take-A-Break.

It is in our experimental github repo - so we need adventurous users to help test and give feedback.

Full instructions in the README.






I love these kinds of timers and use them all the time. I’ll probably try it tomorrow…

One issue I found: Take-a-break applet unlock screen when if it countdown to 0 even if you do it manually

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Unfortunately, cannot reproduce. Not sure if it matters, but what effect are you using?

I Installed fresh ubuntu budgie 19.04 in VirtualBox to test and also have this same. Minimal install, updated, installed also VirtualBox Guest Additions.
How to reproduce:
Work time (min): 5
Brek time (min): 1
Enabled Show notifications
Disabled Smart resume
Effect: Coutdown message

Wait for message then lock the screen. After 1 minutes screen will be unlocked.
This same effect if we lock screen before Take-A-Brake message.
Also for all Effect it is this same.

Yep, I can reproduce. The countdown window production/countdown unlocks the screen. I’d definitely consider that a lockscreen issue though. Nevertheless, we can probably fix it easily for this occasion.

The same issue for me on Ubuntu Budgie 19.04. When working in a public place, this is a huge security hole.

This is fixed in 19.10