New distro, new theme

Hello everyone!
I just installed UBudgie and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. As expected, everything works as it should. I did some searching in the settings. I ended up using the Kripton theme and the Colloid Dark Teal iconset.
The main system I run is Peppermont OS, but I always try the second one in dualboot. Before U

Budgie it was Elementary OS, but after installing 7.1 it went away from the computer. I don’t understand when someone in the Linux world tries to act like a corporation and push users to use a childish and incomplete iconset. In the latest version, the panel and menu are hardcoded. They don’t allow other icons to be used… …it’s not just about icons. It’s subliminally about forcing you to use distro-specific apps. Linux is about free choice, creativity and play. …and so here I am. And so far really excited.