Nvidia driver 525 on Ubuntu Budgie 22.04

Here rather to inform what happened and glitch fixed than complaining about glitch itelf just in case it happened or will happen to somebody else:
I recently had bad issues on my Ubuntu 22.04 using nvidia driver 525 on my nvidia 3050 gtx: all menu, screen were blanked out. If connecting an old video card (1050) all was perfect. By checking nvidia driver download website there is an update for 525.89.02 and they refer to the same problem (https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/199656/en-us/). I couldn`t install manually though - had some issues with xorg that was active- that part, my bad my knowledgment on linux is limited…). Only way I could get it fixed was connecting back my old 1050, than, downgrading driver 515 that shows on repository. MY question is, on Ubuntu drivers repositories. Is this newest version there? (all i see its the 525 only). And once screen is completely blacked out i cant do any updates as cant see menu details etc.
PS. Before knowing it was a nvidia issue i have even sent it to the company support (Nvidia/Galax) and after many tests I was told videocard itself had no issues at all.

V531 of the nvidia drivers was released a few days ago. These have not been packaged for ubuntu yet. You will see these drivers once some testing and validation has been done. This could take days or weeks to do.

At the end of the day issues with the nvidia drivers are for nvidia. There is nothing ubuntu can do other than package these since these drivers are proprietary not opensource.

YEah I Know. Ive written this article just to advise people on same situation. Thx for info about the drivers updates though.