Output sound switcher


I was looking for an output sound switcher… I found “Sound Switcher Indicator” and I installed, but does not run. Then I try some Gnome Shell Extensions, but I can not install them.

Some idea, please?

Just open raven - sound controls including all recognize sound inputs and outputs are there.

Oh my god, thats right, thank you very much.


I don’t know if anyone’s run into this issue, but my Audio output switcher seems to need a bit of tweaking.
I’m running an almost fresh install of 18.04.

Where output sources should be, I instead see applications.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I can change my output just fine from the settings menu.


Ah - good spot - it is actually there - but there is a bug in the theme - if you switch on the system theme you will see the Devices button below the last app.


You can click into what appears to be a blank space and it will switch.

The pocillo theme needs a tweak.

If you or anyone wants to have a go fixing that would be most appreciated - we can then rollout the fix very quickly


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Love your work!

I only wish I could’ve seen the reply sooner (that would’ve prevented me from re-installing 18.04 LTS (vs 18.04.1 LTS) just to get the quick switch back. :sweat_smile:

I was actually about to PIN a number of packages to prevent this form happening.
Fiddling with the theme would probably be more productive. I’ll see how I go.

Thanks again.

Raise here to track https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/pocillo-gtk-theme/issues/10