Audio Out switch in Raven or Taskbar


Ubuntu Budgie is amazing, but one feature is missing:

I’d like to switch Audio-Output of my USB-Audio device quickly, but i have to go the long way to "Settings" to switch the Audio Profile (USB-Speaker-Out jack or Headphones-Out jack) of my USB-Audio device.

I know i can switch Audio-Out devices in Raven (HDMI, Laptop Speaker and USB-Audio…).
But if the Audiocard has two Outputs, it can only switch to the last set Audio-Output profile (e.g. Headphone jack or Speaker jack).

Here a visual approach:

Idea: Additional toggle audio out profile buttons Headphone and Speaker:
(Click image to expand)


Current Raven menu without Audio-Out toggle:


Alternative this toggle may be useful in the taskbar under the volume slider.


This was quick.
Just updated Ubuntu Budgie Core and voilà:


Switches for USB-Audio Out [Speaker (Line Out) and Headphones] are available in Raven.