Panels in programs are missing after Upgrade to 20.04

No that doesn’t helped either. Same behaviour and no app menus.


Rename the folders ~/.local and ~/.config to something else. Logout and login. See if that makes any difference. Rename them back to their original names if no luck.

That dif the trick. The app menus are back again after renaming the both mentioned folders.
Thx for your help!


Hmm. It’s now a question of finding what in those folders is causing your issues. By just renaming you have reset your session back to its defaults which includes things like your firefox preferences etc.

If you did not delete the former .local and .config folder, it may be interesting to check what’s inside :
ls -la ~/path_to/renamed_old/.config
ls -la ~/path_to/renamed_old/.local
ls -la ~/path_to/renamed_old/.local/share
You also may want to take back some of the folders from ( old ) .config since most of your personal settings for any apps you use were sitting there…

I suspect a permission / owner issue.
These commands will also help to see if something belongs to root ( or not your user ) in your personal folder :

find ~ -user root
find ~ ! -user $USER