Pi 4 resolution at boot is wrong

I have pi4 8 gig with SSD 1T and monitor Viewsonic VA1903H (HDMI)

My monitor complain about the wrong resolution (wants 1366X768) wich is not available in the settings. i have to change it to lower resolution.
The login prompt the resolution look to be 1080i and my screeen wave left and right (not exacly flicker) but one i login it take my lower res no problem

1 is there a way to fixe the wavy login screen
2 is there a way to set the screen to my monitor spec 1366X768 HDMI

Thank you

Some monitors just don’t play nice with linux - or are not properly recognised by the latest kernel/graphics properly. If you have another monitor it is worth testing with that.

Additionally you can feed extra info to give a hint for the correct resolution

I would skip the logon screen for the pi - so use Menu - Login Window - Users tab and enter your login name there to autologin.

Thank you it work. boot direcly to desktop and the display is at optimal resolution. Thank you. Turn out that pi with Budgie overclock to 2000 work great for internet use. :slight_smile: