Pixel Saver Applet not hiding Window Bars

Fist I want to say that I love Ubuntu Budgie and use it as my default DE and for all my private and business chores. After updating to Ubuntu 19.04 yesterday, the Pixel-Saver-Applet stopped hiding the window bars. It is as if the applet weren’t installed at all. I have uninstalled the applet via Budgie Applets, logged out and back in, and reinstalled the applet. To no avail. What can I do?


Damn. Looks like the new gnome stack has broken pixel saver

Looks also like that upstream has disappeared. Need someone to fork and resolve

Got a feeling that gnome has removed the ability to hide the window decoration. Seem to remember I read somewhere they were going todo that … but I thought that was for gtk+4 … hope I am wrong on that point.

No quick fix here, right? Could the feature be lost altogether? It would be a pity … Pixel-Saver really makes a difference …

At a minimum will need a code fix to the applet.

As to how quick… depends on who starts looking at this and resolves.

Probably from here Global menu is getting cut out and https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/04/global-menu-for-gnome-extension-development


Ok. Found out that gnome devs removed the api that hid the title bar when maximised.

There is a hint here as to another route using the motif hint

So worth investigating that…

Discussion here with details and examples of using xprop and code via the unite extension

I really loved the applet and miss it. Do I need to reinstall the Pixel-Saver-Applet at some point from Budgie Welcome, or is it sufficient to run the usual update process (apt update, apt upgrade) to see an eventual fix?

Assuming that a fix is available, we will release an update to the package - so it would just be a normal update/upgrade.

ok - found some time to look at this and added a patch to the disco package.

Please update and test this out for me. Let me know how you get on.


Using the applet right now. Everything looks in place. Windows’ headerbars are hidden when the windows are maximized. Buttons are also working as expected. Congrats. Anything unusual I’ll be back in touch.

Using the Pixel-Saver-Applet, I noticed that hiding the headerbars does not kick in when the app is first opened. The app needs to be minimized and maximized again, or closed and reopened. This needs to be done with any application: Opening, for example, Mailspring, does not solve hiding the headerbars for any app that I open subsequently. Any app needs to be opened, closed/ minimized, and reopened/ maximized for the Pixel-Saver-Applet to hide the headerbars properly. The effect is not particularly annoying, it just called my attention.

Apps that open maximised ?

Here are a few screenshots to illustrate:

First picture is when I open the application (here: Eclipse) for the first time. The app window is fully maximized. Header-bar is still not merged with the top panel. Header-bar, Minimize-and Maximize buttons are all visible. I would expect the buttons to be already hidden, as should be the header-bar.

Second picture is when I UN-Maximize the application. (All cool here).

Third picture is when I maximize the app window again. Now you can see that the header-bar, the minimize and maximize buttons are hidden and merged with the top of the screen, where the top-bar is. From my point of view, I shouldn’t have to go through the process of un-maximizing and re-maximizing the app window so that that the header-bar merges with the top-bar. It should happen on program-launch.

Kindly don’t get me wrong: This is not a feature request. I understood from your prior post that you would be interested in a test and a feedback. I am just communicating an observation of a - tiny - flaw with the hope to be useful in some way. I am sure you are in a better position than I to decide if any rework is needed or justified.

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okey - I’ve rejigged the patch. Should fix apps that open maximised now.

Please update as normal.


Just made the update. Working beautifully now. Congrats …

This seems broken again in 19.10 applet is installed i’ve even restarted the pc with no luck on removing the window header bar.

Where did you install the applet from? “Budgie Applets” screen?

Which app are you having issues with? Note - any app that is a client side decorated app (CSD) will not be touched by the applet.

Yes I installed it through the budgie applet app

All windows, an incomplete list for instance: firefox, vscode, libreoffice, archive manager, calender etc.

If you can give me some advice on how to debug it, I will look into it. This is a fresh install so it could be that I am just missing a package.

Can I ask an obvious question - have you added the applet to your panel?