Plank icons stop bouncing after a very short time

it’s not a bing thing but, after a while the icone stop bouncing when we click them on Plank.

If I restart, the " cute bouncing animation" comes back

any ideas what is causing that ?


The maintainer on that bug report says it is a confirm bug and has been fixed in GIT.

I have asked on the bug report if he will fix it also in 18.04

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From your reply I understand that the issue is solved. On my Dell Laptop, I use UB 18.10, the icons still stop bouncing after some time (or clicks) I haven’t measured.

It is committed but not released yet.

If the maintainer does not have the time to do the backport anyone in the community can run with this to upload a fix and get it sponsored through the sru process.

From the launchpad site one can see that the last updates to the package were made in 2017 (if my interpretation is correct).

Is it wise to rely on a tool where the supplier seems to have no elevated interest in maintenance?

better to look at what is happening in the various branches - certainly stuff was happening throughout 2018

If the developer doesn’t want to maintain the version in the repo - then it is the community itself that should do so.

I’m too busy to look at this for the next few weeks - lots of stuff to develop as well as backporting to both 18.04 and 18.10. I would appreciate the community helping out here - wiki instructions about the StableReleaseUpdates in my post above.