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Plank icons stop bouncing after a very short time




it’s not a bing thing but, after a while the icone stop bouncing when we click them on Plank.

If I restart, the " cute bouncing animation" comes back

any ideas what is causing that ?



The maintainer on that bug report says it is a confirm bug and has been fixed in GIT.

I have asked on the bug report if he will fix it also in 18.04


From your reply I understand that the issue is solved. On my Dell Laptop, I use UB 18.10, the icons still stop bouncing after some time (or clicks) I haven’t measured.


It is committed but not released yet.

If the maintainer does not have the time to do the backport anyone in the community can run with this to upload a fix and get it sponsored through the sru process.



From the launchpad site https://launchpad.net/plank/+series one can see that the last updates to the package were made in 2017 (if my interpretation is correct).

Is it wise to rely on a tool where the supplier seems to have no elevated interest in maintenance?


better to look at what is happening in the various branches - certainly stuff was happening throughout 2018


If the developer doesn’t want to maintain the version in the repo - then it is the community itself that should do so.

I’m too busy to look at this for the next few weeks - lots of stuff to develop as well as backporting to both 18.04 and 18.10. I would appreciate the community helping out here - wiki instructions about the StableReleaseUpdates in my post above.