A silly, silly question about Plank

Hi all,

I’m using LTS distro but I’ve also built a couple of VMs with Disco and Eoan, just to chek what’s new (and be prepared for next LTS); I don’t want to migrate by Bionic to Eoan or Disco but I’ve found extremely nice the new Plank, OSX lower panel like.
So, here’s the silly question: is there a way to run Plank Eoan (or Disco) version in Bionic without release-upgrading it? Notice that I wanted to try purging 0.11.4 version on a Bionic running-from-live-VM and then installing Disco version but it’s the same as in Bionic and installing Eoan isn’t possible due to unmet dependencies.


There is a PPA available for plank https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ubuntu/docky maintained by the plank author.

If you want the exact eoan version though, the source-code will need to be downloaded and compiled on bionic.

Thanks! I’ve installed disco release from ricotz ppa but final effect is always the same: it’s always “static”, it isn’t “OSX-like” … :cry:

I’m not quite sure I understand you - but I think you are referring to the bouncing icons; these are via the menu - plank preferences - its available in the 18.04 version.

Great! Thanks … I didn’t imagine that it was controlled from “zoom” switch!

Thanks to this post and counter-post, I now know what PLANK is.