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Plata theme installed but not listed


I have installed the Plata Theme via Budgie Themes app. In the themes app, Plata theme shows as installed and ready to apply.

But the theme is not in the /themes or /.themes folder, neither is it listed in the theme options of the settings. There is a ppa tista/plata-theme.

Is there anything else to do, to make it work?

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Do remember to logout and login after installing themes, icons and applets.

Global themes are installed to /usr/share/themes.


Did log out and back in and restart the computer. Still to no avail.


What version of UB are you using?


I am using Ubuntu Budgie 18.10, on a Dell Laptop.



As you can see - I applied plata (hit the apply button) just fine on my 18.10 VM - and plata is visible


No doubt it is visible on your machine. Now look at mine :



What happens if you run

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt install --reinstall plata-theme

(logout and login if there are no errors or warnings from the above)?


This did the trick. Many thanks for your quick response.