Play a m3u playlist.. Is that a problem in budgie?

My question is a simple one… Yesterday in the evening I had been tried to play a m3u playlist (IPTV list of channels using VLC and Gnome player (if I remember the right name… I’m writing by a windows system far from home) without any result… In had back a an error like “I can’t open the list and to reach the source or (something like that)…”.
I though, at the beginning, the list is a fake so It tried it in windows with positive feedback.
The question is if Ubuntu, or Budgie in this case, have problems or some sort of block about playing such kind of video list?
Otherwise someone can help me maybe suggesting how to do or which software is better for the video m3u lists?
Thanks in advance for your help!

the m3u playlist is a text file. Have you examined it to see the contents? Check that paths to stuff are Linux compatible rather than in windows format and that each individual audio/video file are actually playable via the full path e.g. gnome-mpv full_path_to_the_video.mp4

If the individual files cannot be played check you have the correct codecs installed - e.g. the package ubuntu-restricted-extras is often a good bundle of codecs to use.

First of all thanks for your answer! Yes I installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras and, in addition, I successfully run the m3u list in Mint too… That’s that worried me, indeed Mint is Ubuntu based too… So w why Mint was good and Budgie not???
But, just in case, I’ll reinstall (late in the afternoon) the restricted codecs in order to avoid errors or something…
I’ll write something about after the try I gonna to do…

think if you post the contents of the actual m3u file here will help - as well as the messages you see when playing.

Yep! I’ll give you feedback and… thanks!!!

Problem solved! Afer a good re-installation of the ububtu codecs I was able to watch the tv programs by VLC and SMPlayer… But… Yes there is also e “but”, as soon as you import the m3u playlist in these programs you receive in any case an error… But if you, after a list of curses :slight_smile:, and some struggle you go to View/Playlist you have, in front of you, all the tv programs ready for you. After a click on the channel you like “magically” your tv is in front of you!! :slight_smile:
So told, someone can suggest me e software IPTV that could eat the m3u tv playlist easily and without courses and struggle? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Have you tried kodi?

Thanks for your suggestion about Kodi I’ll try it!