Please make Budgie behave more like Windows 7

I like the Budgie Desktop Environment because the user experience is like 80% like Windows 7, which I believe to be the best and most polished user interface around that Budgie should aspire to. Budgie is very very similar to Windows 7 with its taskbar that is “a program launcher that turns into tabs for programs that you click.” That 20% that Budgie is lacking is all of the subtle little differences, and all of these subtle little differences add up. I could write a long list of the things that Budgie does WRONG.

Like, when a program has two tabs, left-clicking the program icon is supposed to show a list of the two tabs. It isn’t supposed to minimize them! COPY WINDOWS 7! Please.

Think you are talking about the dock icons. Little tip, use your mouse scroll wheel over the icon to switch apps.

Thank you, I will keep this in mind. And another thing, I think more programs icons on the taskbar need context menus like they do in Windows 7 and I’d especially like to see Wine programs properly work on the taskbar. I can’t live without Foobar2000 and when I drag that onto the taskbar it just becomes a useless “Wine Launcher” that does nothing. It should launch Foobar2000

Suggest drag the icon from the dock to the desktop. Then edit the .desktop file in your favourite text editor. You can change the name of the desktop file. Save and drag it back to the dock.

Ensure the exec= uses the command wine pathname

Where pathname is the windows path to your windows exe

here I was thinking I liked Ubuntu Budgie because it was similar to my Mac experience

Windows 7 was inspired by Mac OS X and it’s very evident that Budgie is inspired by Windows 7.