Plymouth 0.9.3-1ubuntu 10 - bug?


I’ve just had an error with plymouth. Can this be a bug?



can you post a picture?

yes of course :slight_smile: It’ll be a lot - don’t be irritated :wink: Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-48-57 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-04 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-08 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-10 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-13 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-14 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-16 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-18 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-20 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-23 Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202018-10-23%2013-49-24

yes - for each of those message boxes please click on the “send” button to upload it to launchpad. When your browser opens to launchpad, login with your launchpad login details and fill in the details of the bug report.

okay thx I’ll do it :slight_smile: