For few days now, keep getting « bug report » warning


at start on any session of UbuntuBudgie 20.04 and for some days now, I always get this warning :

…not knowing where it comes from and what it sends, if it sends anything to anyone ?

And as you may see, only that dialog box is displayed, no matching icon in icon-tasks-list in panel and no other window appears when I hit « signaler le problème / report bug » ( such as apport or sort ).

Where should I look at ?

It happens once at each start and no more. Comes back at next reboot. My system seems to work normally though.

That does sound odd.

Then you click the option to send the problem report it should send it to launchpad and then delete the report.

You could just remove all the reports yourself.

sudo rm /var/crash/*

Ok, I removed files in /var/crash

Situation is now a bit clearer :

HPlip culprit ?

Probably - clicking the “send” button should take you to launchpad to file the report. There you will be autolinked to the package causing the issue. The message though shows the culprit - looks very much like the package needs a tweak or two to make it python 3.8 compatable