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QA Manager(s) wanted - apply now!


What we are looking for is someone/some people who likes all things budgie -
Budgie Desktop, budgie applets and all the software it ships with.

You will coordinate testing activities - finding ways to engage people
both within the UB community and joining forces with other Ubuntu
flavours via IRC.

The successful applicant(s) must have a GitHub account & most importantly
a launchpad account.

We are looking for someone to lead the charge on testing our daily
releases and testing weeks. When we hit beta and the release
candidate stages, these testing periods each need to complete within one and a
bit days. As such, you must commit to test on the key published dates.


If you love to test new pre-release software without fear of messing
up their installation then we want you.

Excellent broadband connection is required to download whole ISO
images and to keep images up-to-date.

You must have spare hardware to test with - and not be afraid to reload at a drop of a hat!

Applications via email - tell me a bit about yourself, your FOSS journey and how you can help

fossfreedom AT ubuntu DOT com


I don’t have time to report, but I’m using Ubuntu Budgie since april 2018 and it’s very stable. I didn’t notice any problem at all at the programms I used.