Quarter tiling windows

I have a 32" 2550x1440 monitor and would love to be able to corner-snap windows to a quarter tile, to have 4 windows tiled at once. Any way to do this, or feature request? Thanks in advance.

If you are using 18.04 press meta+s. That is the window shuffler… First-run will show you the instructions.


Here is a video showing shuffler in action

Cheers! That is exactly what I needed!

Have you guys seen Divvy by Mizage for Mac, I was addicted to that tool.

Very easy to create keyboard shortcuts.
Also when pressing option key on Mac it would cut the tiles in half, doubling the number for more granular control.
This is great if you want you Windows to be just of the edge of the screen.

@nroetert uhm, not sure what Divvy is capable of exactly, but isn’t that pretty much what shuffler is doing?

For the biggest part yes and I love it.
Divvy is just a little more refined with the keyboard shortcuts and option to do window placement a lot more granular, that was what I was saying.

A nice example would be, placing a window in the center of your screen, not touching the edges would leave you with only 8 tiles and the window would be fairly small.

@nroetert Not sure about the granular thing what you mention; You can set the window on any position in any size of grid, as long as the window supports the targeted window size. Could you explain a bit? Possibly you have more options than you think :slight_smile:

CLI options are on the way btw, as you can see here: https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/window-shuffler

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The video isnt really that clear what it does. When sizing windows on the divvy grid are you “shift + clicking … or similar” on cells to size or are you click+dragging your mouse over the cells to size the window?

This one is a little better I guess.
It’s clicking and dragging.

@nroetert Only real difference I see is the dragging in divvy is the shift-click in shuffler?

So the one in the top left corner is the big one for me I guess.
Having the option to switch to a more precise Grid.
We are ‘limited’ to 6x6 tiles right?


@nroetert Ah, ok. I limited to 6x6 just because a bigger number would not have much use on normal, or even quite big screens. The windows would be (attempted to be) resized below their minimum It can easily be changed if you would prefer or need a bigger grid though.

Not sure if I’m abusing the tool for window placement more than tiling what it was developed for.
But for a screencast, where I want the window to be just of the edge this is to clunky IMHO.
OCD is a b.tch, sorry for all the comments, really love the tool =)


@nroetert Wait, trying to understand, but you want the marge to be smaller, right, and therefore the grid to be bigger? Never thought of that as a usage, but that is an easy change in the code.
Not sure if we should though, since its targeted use is tiling, not so much setting a free space around the window. In the max grid you suggest, many windows would not actually be possible to tile, since the targeted size is (far) below the window’s min size. It would, in other words, suggest something that can’t be done in many cases.

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Exactly that indeed.

I like how this Mac app seems to work.


If you are interested in developing and enhancing our window shuffler, the github repository for code-submissions is here https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/window-shuffler