Recently Used applet popup has transparent background

Hi. First: I use UB for a year now or so. A really great distro. Noticed yesterday that the background of only the Recently Used applet becomes transparent when the Built-in theme is switched on. Background becomes transparent and text color turns white. Is this a known issue? I am using a Dell laptop with UB 18.10 installed.

Not a known issue. But probably a bite sized issue to fix especially if you or anyone wants to dabble in some development work

Please raise the issue here so that it is being tracked. Cheers

David, kindly allow me to ask a general question here. For several issues I note that your team searches for some extra help. I am very much willing to engage (I already do translations on an irregular basis), but when it comes to coding I am absolutely unsure of how much help I can be. I am a hobby programmer and java enthusiast with some years of experience. But never have I delved into the profounds of Linux (“bite sized issue” ???) . Does your team only need expert help, or do y’all have space for (a) newbie(s) and time to explain? Do you have any sort of internal development program?

Generally bite sized means that we believe the fix is probably just an investigation and a one or two line type fix rather than, say, a huge complete module.

No. We don’t need experts. Just enthusiasts who are willing to get stuck in and are not afraid to ask questions etc.

Dont specifically have a development program as such since issues are so diverse it would be hard to craft something relevant.

But if we spot continuing contributors that show an aptitude and willingness to help out.
… expect an invitation to join the team.

Will be happy to contribute …