ShowTime and WeatherShow background turns black

I am configuring my UbuntuBudgie 18.04 and would like to have ShowTime and WeatherShow on my main laptop screen.
When i add the Applets they look fine, but after a while or after I reboot their backgound turn black.

My Notebook is an Inspiron 7472 from Dell that i bought with Ubuntu Pre-installed. It comes with a Nvidia GPU (GeForce MX150) and I am using the nvidia drivers.

Any one knows how to fix this? I googled around and look at this forum but was unable to find something.


Can you please add a screenshot?

Also - if you run budgie-panel --replace & are there any warnings or errors displayed in the terminal?

here are the messages that show up.

(budgie-panel:14650): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 12:40:57.169: gtk_widget_destroy: assertion ‘GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)’ failed
** Message: 12:40:57.618: libsession.vala:50: DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID not set, session registration may be broken (not running budgie-desktop?)

** (budgie-panel:14650): WARNING **: 12:40:57.709: BudgieMenuWindow.vala:298: Programas has no parent directory, not adding to menu

If you change the theme to Pocillo-dark-slim does the background reappear? Just wondering if this is a specific issue with that “Sierra-dark-thin” gtk theme

I chnaged the team and the reboot it. but the issue remains

I’ve had this in the past with Ubuntu (not Budgie). Most likely a driver incompatibility/bug. In my case, It was solved when I changed drivers.
The errors you see in the terminal are nothing to worry about, they are pretty much the standard, they never cause any incorrect behavior on my box. Unfortunately, The output doesn’t mention the applet or process that is causing the messages, but it seems harmless.

hmm @lipe66 have you installed the recommended nvidia drivers from the Additional Drivers tab in software & updates ?

Additionally, to make sure nothing (more) weird is happening, could you post the output of gsettings get transparency?

Yes I have installed the nvdia drivers from the Drivers tab in software&updates

I typed the command and the result is no schema for “”

Ah, wait, this is 18.04, do you have any settings files in ~/.config/budgie-extras/showtime?

Yes I have 2 files datecolor and timecolor

datecolor and timecolor have the same content:

Ah, wait, mixing up things with development version, the current released showtime does not have a setting for transparency at all. I am afraid all I can advice is to try to switch graphics drivers, see what happens.

Thank you very much, I tested changing from Nvidia to Nuveau without any success. I will dig a little deeper if I find anything I tell you.

So I upgraded to 18.10, the issue persist.
I noticed that when I boot up, the applets appear first in a black screen and then the wallpaper comes up.
maybe the order of executing the startup is messing up things. anyone has any guides on how to look things up on startup the DE?

Curious what happens if you remove the applets from the panel first, then restart and add the applets on a running system. This is a regular Ubuntu Budgie install, right?

Yes this is a regular install, from the iso on 18.04 and upgraded to 18.10 from the Software & Updates app.
If I remove and reinstall they look perfect.
After I boot black background again.

Now that is usefull info! That means we can set a little delay for both desktop representations and they should work fine. Probably the moment the items are added to the panel is too early for the windows to be called. Actually what you said. Curious if you are the first/only one having the issue.
I’ll get back to you, need to see how we can fix it.

Thanks! Iwas checking the configurations of my laptop (Dell Inspiron 7472) have 2 GPUs a Nvidia Geforce MX150 and a Intel UHD Graphics 620.

Raised bug report here to track

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