Recommended screen+audio recording for a 10h session (conference call)

I have googled and found options, but I have a critical conference call next two days that I need to record, without attending most of it. I cannot check constantly whether it is still being recorded. Normally I would spend some time testing options.

Hoping someone can advice on which tool (specifically for Budgie) would be capable of non stop screen recording for ~10 hours a day, while attending a WebEx presentation (webex web client in Firefox).

I have a Ryzen 4800U laptop so it should be up to the task to encode the video a bit, on the fly, since my SSD has only 450GB available.

Have you checked that the person/group organising the conference call are recording it themselves - i.e. so that people can review who cannot attend for the whole 10hrs?

WebEx has features built in to record - so that’s really for the organiser to manage I would have thought.

Yes I know the host can and in this case should record it herself. If it was Teams instead of WebEx it would have been easier as the host doesn’t even need to configure anything as the client allows you (as attendee) to initiate record (if allowed), which automatically notifies the host.

But the host in this case is clueless and does not want to mess with her configuration. It is extremely annoying. This is really a last resort for me.

I quickly tried a few and SimpleScreenRecorder is by far the most straightforward with ability to tweak settings/quality. Did a few recording tests with H.264 veryfast and slower, but going to user superfast preset as filesize per minute seems acceptable (~10MB/min including AAC 192kb/s audio) between 10-20MB/min (or 600-1200MB per hour, would be roughly 60-120GB for a 10 hour session.
It lacks saving a file automatically every hour or so, unfortunately. But will have to do.

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