Replace Bash with Zsh as default shell

This would be way better, mainly because Zsh is way easier to use for the average user. It has much better autocomplete, among other features :slight_smile: I don’t see any reason why not. We could even install Oh My Zsh and make a custom theme for it, to make even the Terminal fit in with the OS :stuck_out_tongue:. If not the default, maybe an option in Budgie Welcome would be nice.

To be honest, the average user would not have a clue what a shell was never mind understanding the differences between bash and zsh.

What we are talking here are advanced users who would be more than capable to switch shells.

I dont see any compelling reasons switching. I would much prefer to inherit the same shell as ubuntu - all development and testing would have been done using bash … so jumping to zsh will involve risks which I dont believe will be beneficial overall.

As to including a switch in welcome … A development section is something I would love to include e.g. installing vscode git etc. Just need someone to step up and develop this.

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