Right click option not available in 20.04

Hi, I was using UB 19.10 on both my macbook pro and dell precision. I remember there was an option in “touchpad” in settings where I had to specify right click and it worked. But I am not able to find it in 20.04.
Somehow for dell since there are additional keys below the trackpad, the right click is working. But in macbook pro, not able to activate right click. Any help would be appreciated.

does two finger tap work for you?

That is the normal trackpad right-click action.

Thank you, it does. I saw the comment for 18.04 right click issue where the same reply was given but I distinctly remember an option to select right click in 19.10. That’s why I raised it here. Thanks anyways for your prompt reply as always. it’s fine now

I guessing here - but maybe the libinput guys finally removed that option in the version of their software in 20.04 - it was always in deprecate mode since they introduced two finger tap.

I guess and thank you and team for a very polished release.