Saving to a network drive

Hi Everyone,

Relatively new Budgie user here. Really like it–thanks for all your work.

This may not be a Budgie specific issue because we upgraded from 20.04 to 22.04 at the same time we installed Budgie, but we’ve noticed that Chrome (at least) can no longer save a download to a samba drive. Only local saves work. The network save appears to be successful, but nothing is actually saved there.

We got around the issue by setting up a SyncThing share on the server (which works fine) but just curious if this is a bug anyone else has noticed or if it’s specific to us. (Or maybe it’s an Ubuntu 22.04 issue and we should report it there?)

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I’ve found this post on AskUbuntu.

Maybe it’s a solution.
I’ve checked on my system with sudo apt list --installed | grep xdg and I have the xdg-desktop-portal-gtk and xdg-desktop-portal packages installed and never had a problem accessing or transferring files from my NAS. Maybe check if those packages are missing on your system.

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@TocNoc Thank you very much!

Ok I checked my system and I also (already) have both those packages installed, so I’ll keep looking for a solution to this. I’m assuming now that it’s a 22.04 issue, not Budgie-specific.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @TocNoc