Show Calendar on Click (Top Panel)

is there a way to show that little Calender by clicking on the time on the top Panel ??
I need to look often at the calender to check something and an extra click to open a new (big!) window isn’t that sweet. :smiley:

Look in Menu - Budgie-Extras and install the budgie-calendar-applet. You can then edit your panel via budgie-desktop-settings and remove the clock applet and add the newly installed calendar applet

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Thanks! :smiley:
Since i’m new to Budgie, i’m not aware of all options this Desktop has and wow - i like it more and more! Perfect one for me.

You can also use Raven to quickly display the date. You don’t even need to use the mouse. To display the applets, including the calendar, use the key combination Super+A, to display the notifications use the key combination Super+N. In Budgie Welcome you will find an overview of the available key combinations.

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Sure, but using the keyboard is slowly, compared to mouse - 2 screens via HDMI Monitor and i got the mouse more often in my hand than my fingers on the keyboard. Also nobody is used to do this key combinations anymore. I used it yeeeaaaars ago, but i don’t know what people like about it. :smiley: Personally, i like this “modern” change (of the UI also), minimalistic, etc. :slight_smile: