Simple Pocillo suggestion: add more contrast to the Global Menu


With Pocillo, the Global Menu looks like this which, in my opinion, is lacking in contrast. It looks like the menu or the window is inactive and, for some people, may not be legible at all.

I added the following snippet to gtk.css:

.-vala-panel-appmenu-private * {

And here is the result.

Don’t you find it much better looking or, if anything, more suitable for accessibility purposes? You could go with less contrast than pure white (which I picked for the sake of the example) but the default grey is too dark on a dark panel…


Works for me! -

That would need to go there via a PR please - rather than “white” use $fg_color … but obviously need to check that the rebuilt theme works for both dark and light pocillo themes.

Dumb question but I’m a complete noob when it comes to development and github practices. What’s a PR?

ah - sorry … in developer speak mode

PR = pull request. So you fork a project on github, make your changes. Test it. Check in your changes and use the github GUI to create a pull-request

Alright, working on that.

Oddly, adding that code snippet to the _budgie.scss file you directed to, then compiling and reinstalling pocillo doesn’t seem to have any effect. As if it needed to be put directly into gtk.css.

Woops, it turns out that the code chunk I posted above affects not only the text color of menu entries on the panel, but also of sub-entry. For example, if you have menu entry “File” that contains “Save as” then it recolors not just “File” but also “Save as”. And since the latter may not have the same background color as the former, then you end up with a text color that may not fit one of the menu parts. For instance, if your menu bar is dark but menu entry open with light background, then a light font may be illegible.

Instead of that code chunk, you want to search for
.menubar > menuitem
in gtk.css and alter its value however you see fit.