Sluggish Desktop on Clean Install

Recently had a crash and did a clean install and backup restore. Ever since, I’ve had problems with sluggish desktop behavior. Examples:

  1. characters on screen are not keeping up with my typing
  2. Mouse is jerky and glitchy
  3. Discord voice, when running in another workspace, breaks up. In the primary workspace, voice is fine.

It isn’t hardware related, my workstation is pretty beefy. Any ideas on settings I can tweak?

was the behaviour occuring immediately after the install and before you restored?

Yes, I believe so. Also, I only restored my Documents folder and a few select other folders. Maybe I should have done a full restore, things were fine before.

OK, I think this issue is solved. I made a few changes and my desktop is now much snappier, as it should be.

  1. Implemented the changes in this link:

  2. Did some digging, found that my display driver was using the Xorg X server Nouveau driver. Switched to the nvidia-driver-515 (for my PNY Nvidia Quadro P2000 card).

Rebooted and things seem back to normal.

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