Software 3.35.2 vs Synaptic

Hi Ive always used Synaptic, and due to Software unable to reliably search (I reported before) I use it more often than Software, but I notice that when I do a ‘mark all upgrades’ in Synaptic, it shows as below, whereas Software is showing its up-to-date. Both package managers have identical repositories and settings. Before Mark All Upgrades I do: reload package info, unmark all.
Any comments?

3.35.2 is brand new for Focal - its a huge jump from bionic/eoan.

This sounds like a bug.

Please report to launchpad - add the screenshots and description as above. Do NOT link this discourse forum since the Canonical devs will not read that.

ubuntu-bug gnome-software

DONE - Submitted bug.

your screenshot is wrong in the bug report - its pointing to a kazam screenshot of some-sort

Ohhps; its now fixed sorry about that!