Why difference between apt and software updates on 23.04?


There ARE updates available, why « software » on the right does not tell ?

…and yes double window decoration since today…

As far as the double frame goes, this is most likely an issue with pixel saver. Unfortunately, this happens even on the fix we have been testing. The only real workaround at this time seems to be to blacklist the apps that cause issues. I know its not the answer you want to hear.

You can edit the dconf key:
and add

Ah well - I cannot read French … and some say not even english - ho hum.

I’m guessing what that is saying is that the packages are being held back - probably because they are being phased. So you will need to wait your turn for the phasing to apply to you and at that point should appear in gnome-software.

If you are saying that these are still installable but not showing in gnome-software…

ubuntu-bug gnome-software

Yes most of these packages were installable.

6 of them were indeed phased updates.

And I can see those differences between Apt / gnome-software in other *buntu variant, so…

Regarding pixel-saver, does it mean any « full gtk4 » app’ should be blacklisted ?
If that’s the case maybe is there a way to « filter » globally once and for all ?
I don’t know, just thinking out loud.