Steam Installed but times out when loading on 19.10

Hi all, hoping someone may be able to help me with this, i installed steam Installer via terminal (sudo apt install steam-installer) ran installer ran though script and complete now when i hit to run it shows in bottom bar then times out. i have tried removing it and reinstalling via gui and terminal again with the same results, a quick ddg search would only bring back results about steam not officially supporting 19.10 and problems on 12.10 ect.

If anyone has any suggestions on dependencies i may need ect it would be a great help (I am using all amd products no nivida)

I don’t use steam so cannot directly help here - hopefully someone will.

Other helpful sites will be and

Upstream may be helpful as well -

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found the answer:

  1. Run the following command in terminal:


  1. Then launch Steam.

Credit to David Foerster & waqar on ask ubuntu

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