Suggesting UI Improvements for the "Chrome" Layout in Ubuntu Budgie

Hello Ubuntu Budgie community,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to discuss some potential improvements to the “Chrome” layout in Ubuntu Budgie. While this layout offers a sleek and modern design, there are a few aspects that I believe could be enhanced to provide a more user-friendly experience.

  1. Round Corners: The first thing that caught my attention when using the “Chrome” layout in Ubuntu Budgie is the absence of rounded corners. Rounded corners not only add a touch of elegance but also contribute to a more comfortable and visually appealing interface. I suggest considering the implementation of rounded corners in windows and elements throughout the “Chrome” layout.
  2. Closing the Big Menu: In macOS and KDE, you can close a menu by clicking anywhere outside of it. However, in the “Chrome” layout of Ubuntu Budgie, there is no such option. To close the big menu, you have to click an empty space or navigate back to the original category. Adding the ability to close the menu by clicking anywhere outside of it would greatly improve user convenience and align the layout more with the behavior found in other popular desktop environments.
  3. Improved Search Box: The search box in the “Chrome” layout currently displays three dots (‘…’) as a placeholder. While this is functional, it can be confusing for some users, especially those who are new to the environment. To make the layout more user-friendly and intuitive, I suggest replacing the three dots with the text “Type to search.” This change would provide clear guidance on the purpose of the search box and improve accessibility.
  4. Customizability: It’s essential to remember that one of the strengths of Ubuntu Budgie is its flexibility and customizability. To cater to a wide range of user preferences, it would be great to offer options to enable or disable these proposed changes. This way, users who prefer the current “Chrome” layout can keep it as is, while those who desire a more rounded, user-friendly experience can easily make the adjustments.
  5. Community Feedback: Involving the Ubuntu Budgie community in the decision-making process for layout changes is crucial. I suggest creating a discussion thread or poll on the Ubuntu Budgie forum to gather feedback from users who may have additional suggestions or insights. This collaborative approach ensures that any changes made to the “Chrome” layout align with the needs and preferences of the community.

In conclusion, the “Chrome” layout in Ubuntu Budgie is already a fantastic option, but there is always room for improvement. By incorporating rounded corners, enabling the menu to close by clicking anywhere outside of it, enhancing the search box with descriptive text, and providing customization options, we can make this layout even more user-friendly and appealing to a broader audience.

I encourage fellow Ubuntu Budgie enthusiasts to share their thoughts and ideas on these proposed changes. Your feedback and contributions are essential in shaping the future of Ubuntu Budgie and ensuring that it remains a top choice for users seeking a beautiful and functional Linux desktop environment.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


Re rounded corners. That can be achieved somewhat via a suitable gtk theme such as orchis.

Much more work would be to change the window manager to support corners. I know an aspiring dev made a mutter-rounded project on github. That would need to be adapted for budgie to iron off the rough edges. So something anyonr could look to implement.

The … vs text. Again sounds like an easy fix for someone to contribute here GitHub - libredeb/lightpad: LightPad is a lightweight, simple and powerful application launcher. It is also Wayland compatible.

In terms of closing. Sure i made a similar suggestion on the lightpad project. Pressing esc will close the menu.

Customisability. Maybe. Sane defaults is better.

Community feedback. Absolutely. Thats what discourse is for. And thanks for your insights!