Ubuntu Budgie Welcome Redesign

As you all know, Budgie Welcome is first stop that you encounter when you go with Ubuntu Budgie.

With that in mind, I feel that we should do something about design to make it more prominent and easy on the eye.

With that said, I would like to present to you the potential redesign of the Ubuntu Budgie Welcome.

Feel free to comment.



as long as it gets translated into any user’s language…

Maybe you should show the older one to compare ?

Hi Coeur-Noir,

Thanks for reply. This is what you can see on everyday desktop.

I like the design’s simplicity. I think that it would be helpful if Welcome provided a focused link to Themes and Layouts, maybe in the form of a menu item in “Getting Started”, similar to the “Browser Ballot”. I don’t know about anyone else, but the first thing I did when I installed UBB was to select the “Traditional Budgie” layout.

I also think « Themes & Layouts » should not disappear from first view as it’s probably the most « popular » button there…

Here is how it would look with buttons for themes and layouts and software installation.

Two thoughts:

(1) If you want to stay with the current layout (8 menu buttons plus two additional buttons), I would (a) reduce the vertical size of the top “Ubuntu Budgie” header by about 15-20% and (b) use the gained vertical space to lower the “Install Software” and “Themes and Layouts” buttons, so that the vertical spacing is similar to the current Budgie Welcome screen. At present, the design looks cramped.

(2) However, I suggest that you consider moving in a different design direction, keeping the basic (8-item) menu from your original redesign. Your original redesign (just the 8 menu items, no additional buttons) was elegant and uncluttered. It seems to me that you could keep that design by making a changes to the “Getting Started” menu to approximate a logical setup process, something along these lines:

Getting Started
– Initial Setup (not “Familiarity”)
---- Pick a Theme
---- Pick a Layout
---- Pick a Browser
---- Customization
------ Budgie Desktop Settings
------ Budgie Control Center
– Post-Installation
---- Updates & Extras
---- Drivers
---- Language & Input
---- Keyboard Shortcuts
---- Optional Tasks
– Troubleshooting

It seems to me that moving the Themes and Layouts menu items to the “Getting Started” menu would result in a logical setup flow and allow you to return to your original elegant 8-item redesign.

Thanks for feedback Tom.

Yeah I agree with 8-item design. The second screenshot design that I provided was to see how it would look when compared to the original design. Agreed with moving software install and themes and layout to Features.

I’m thinking on what to do with Community button since in a way you already have the link to it via Discourse logo. Instead of “Get Support” it could be maybe renamed to “Community support”.

I think that a description of themes and layouts in the Features section would be a good idea. The flexibility offered by the pre-built themes and layouts is a strong plus for Ubuntu Budgie, and should be touted in Features.

However, I think that the actual working links for themes and layouts should be part of the “Getting Started” flow and not separated from that flow. That was the thinking behind my suggestion that “Initial Setup” include those two items.

I forgot to include “Install Software” in my suggested menu structure. It seems to me that “Install Software” should also be in the “Getting Started” menu, perhaps under the Post-installation heading, as follows:

– Post-Installation
---- Updates & Extras
---- Install Software
---- Drivers
---- Language & Input
---- Keyboard Shortcuts
---- Optional Tasks

I look forward to following your progress as you redesign the menu, and I promise not to kibbitz every detail.

Here is the updated design for Getting started

I think that this is a great design – logical, clean and descriptive. You might want to put some kind of unobtrusive graphic in the right panel to make it a little more welcoming visually, but I think that this is going to work.

love the themes installer … this is best distro I have found …and I have tried a bunch…great job to all