System Menu - Touchpad only works when it wants

I use mouse most of time, but sometimes I’d feel like using touchpad for scrolling in some scenarios (relaxing a little). In that case, I use touchpad to scroll in system menu (Grid), but it only works when it wants.

It may sound funny. But it’s what happens, I think it only works for few moments after booting the OS. After some time it seems like the touchpad is locked, and I can’t scroll. Neither left or right.

But funny thing, Is the fact that I can’t lock the touchpad because I don’t have any hardware control.

sounds like a bug - guessing maybe kernel - might be xorg related.

Please raise an issue to launchpad and the bug triagers will advise better

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Quick question: when you say that it stops working in the system menu, does it still work elsewhere? Are you still able to use the touchpad to scroll in other applications?

Yes, it won’t work only there.

Also @UltraBurstXD

If this is very specific to the applications menu then I’m aware of the issue - this was raised on the elementary tracker. Its a libhandy issue. Might be fixed in 21.04 - but needs obviously testing.

Oh, alright! :grinning: